Madrona Counselling


Addiction Counselling

Rooted in recovery from addictions with years of professional experience and training, we provide a safe space for active learning and change. Your improved health and wellbeing is our mission. We do recover.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling provides insight, education, support, and skill-building. Our therapeutic alliance will forge management and coping skills, courage, and intrinsic strength in addressing adversity through healing-centred engagement.


Designed for individuals whose schedules or geographic locations inhibit in-person sessions, our E-Counselling services are offered through secure and confidential video conferencing software.

Youth Partnering

Walking beside the individual we will offer support in the form of counselling, mentorship, structure development and implementation, accountability, and goal setting. After hours support via text, email, and phone is also available, providing additional support and accountability.

Relationship Strengthening

We support a myriad of relationship types (monogamous, coupled, open/closed, poly, LGBTQ, etc). Our goal is to address any relationship issues you may be facing while building trust, effective communication, connection, and intimacy.

Continuing Care

With extensive experience working within residential treatment centres, we offer continuing support for individuals during the transition out of inpatient/outpatient treatment programs.